Thr3e (2007) streaming

Un film di Robby Henson. Con Marc Blucas, Justine Waddell Thriller, Ratings: Kids+13, - Polonia, USA 2007.

Sette giorni (2007) streaming

Un film di Shin-yeon Won. Con Yunjin Kim, Mi-suk Kim, Dong-hwan Jeong, Hie-sun Park, Myeong-su Choi.
Titolo originale Se-beun De-i-jeu. Thriller, durata 127 min. - Corea del sud 2007.

Resurrection Mary (2007) streaming


Un film di Sean Michael Beyer. Con Kevin G. Schmidt, Pamela Jean, Sally Kirkland, Richard Riehle, Kristin Herrera.
Thriller, durata 91 min. - USA 2007.

Dark Mirror (2007) streaming


Towards Darkness (2007) streaming


Boot Camp - Il campo del terrore (2007) streaming

Un film di Christian Duguay. Con Mila Kunis, Gregory Edward Smith¹, Peter Stormare, Regine Nehy, Alejandro Rae.
Titolo originale Boot camp. Thriller, - USA 2007

Encoded (2007) streaming

Un film di Arthur Anderson. Con Michael Ironside, April Florio, Katherine Hawkes, Carl Clemons, Andrew Roth, Michael Matthew Barker, Jake Andolina, Frank Monaco Thriller, - USA 2007.

You Kill Me (2007) streaming

Un film di John Dahl. Con Ben Kingsley, Téa Leoni, Philip Baker Hall Thriller, durata 92 min. - USA 2007.

Pop Skull (2007) streaming

Regia di Adam Wingard. Genere Thriller, produzione USA, 2007. Durata 86 minuti circa.

Land of Canaan (2007) streaming

Regia di Reginald La France. Con Julianne Michelle, Tara Reid, Juliet Landau Genere Thriller, produzione , 2007.

Freischwimmer (2007) streaming

Regia di Andreas Kleinert. Con Frederick Lau, August Diehl, Dagmar Manzel, Fritzi Haberlandt, Alice Dwyer, Philipp Danne Genere Thriller, produzione Germania, 2007. Durata 110 minuti circa.

The Yellow Wallpaper (2007) streaming

Regia di Logan Thomas. Con Aric Cushing, Juliet Landau, Dale Dickey, Veronica Cartwright Genere Thriller, produzione USA, 2007. Durata 115 minuti circa.

Bios (2007) streaming

Regia di Fabio Morichini, Matteo Sapio. Con Sylvia De Fanti, Max Pica, Fabio Morichini, Luca Sapio, Maurizio Margutti.
Genere Thriller, produzione Italia, 2007. Durata 111 minuti circa.

Transsiberian (2007) streaming

Un film di Brad Anderson. Con Woody Harrelson, Emily Mortimer, Ben Kingsley, Eduardo Noriega, Thomas Kretschmann.
Thriller, durata 111 min. - Gran Bretagna, Germania, Spagna 2007.

Un colpo perfetto (2007) streaming

Un film di Michael Radford. Con Michael Caine, Demi Moore, Constantine Gregory, Nathaniel Parker, Lambert Wilson.
Titolo originale Flawless. Thriller, durata 108 min. - Gran Bretagna, Lussemburgo 2007.

Ezra (2007) streaming

Ezra is a 2007 drama film directed by Newton I. Aduaka. It was shown at the 2007 Sundance Film Festival and the 2007 Ouagadougou Panafrican Film and Television Festival where it won the Grand Prize. Wikipedia

Naissance des pieuvres (2007) streaming

Water Lilies is a 2007 French film and the debut as a screenwriter and director of Céline Sciamma. Wikipedia
Initial release: April 4, 2008 (USA)
Running time: 85 minutes
Initial DVD release: September 2, 2008

Brick Lane (2007) streaming

Brick Lane is a 2007 British drama film directed by Sarah Gavron and adapted from the novel of the same name by the British writer Monica Ali, published in 2003. The screenplay was written by Laura Jones and Abi Morgan. Wikipedia
Initial release: June 20, 2008 (USA)
Initial DVD release: January 13, 2009
Characters: Nazneen Ahmed, Chanu Ahmed

Musta Jää (2007) streaming

Black Ice is a 2007 Finnish drama film written and directed by Petri Kotwica. Produced as a Finnish-German joint production, it stars actors Outi Mäenpää, Martti Suosalo and Ria Kataja in a twisted love triangle. Wikipedia
Initial release: October 19, 2007
Running time: 104 minutes
Budget: 1.8 million EUR

Ai No Yokan (2007) streaming

Ai no yokan (2007)

 -  Drama  -  24 November 2007 (Japan)
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Ratings: 6,4/10 from 171 users  
Reviews: 4 user | 8 critic
Coincidence and the aftermath of violence. A man's middle-school daughter has been murdered. His wife is already deceased. He tells a counselor he wants to live in anonymity, working with ... See full summary »
(Review From 

Lake City (2007) streaming

The Secrets (2007) streaming

The Secrets is a 2007 Israeli drama film directed by Avi Nesher. Wikipedia
Initial release: June 14, 2007
Running time: 127 minutes
Initial DVD release: April 7, 2009
Genres: Drama, LGBT, World cinema

Restless (2006) streaming

Plot summary

In fictional ancient Korea, Yi-gwak is a demon hunter who lost his lover, Yon-hwa, and colleagues of demon hunters in the past. He enters the Midheaven, a transitory place for spirits, only to find the spirit of Yon-hwa who has forgotten about him. His deceased former mentor, Ban-chu, masterminds a demonic rebellion in Midheaven, wishing to invade the living world.


Before the Rains (2007) streaming

Before the Rains is a 2007 Indian-British period drama film directed by Santosh Sivan. The film is adapted from a story from the 2001 anthology Israeli film Asphalt Zahov. Wikipedia
Running time: 98 minutes
Initial DVD release: September 16, 2008

The Guitar (2008) streaming

The Guitar (2008)

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Ratings: 6,4/10 from 1.836 users  
Reviews: 24 user | 14 critic
The life of a woman is transformed after she is diagnosed with a terminal disease, fired from her job and abandoned by her boyfriend. Given two months to live, she throws caution to the wind to pursue her dreams.



Ossidiana (2007) streaming

Ossidiana (2007)

 -  Biography  -  2007 (Italy)
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Ratings: 7,0/10 from 5 users  
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(screenplay), (screenplay)

Andalucia (2007) streaming

Andalucia (2007)

 -  Drama  -  5 March 2008 (France)
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Ratings: 5,5/10 from 71 users  
Reviews: 2 user | 5 critic



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The Moon and the Stars (2007) streaming

The Moon and the Stars is a 2007 romantic drama film starring Jonathan Pryce, Alfred Molina, Catherine McCormack and directed by John Irvin. Wikipedia
Initial release: May 18, 2006
Running time: 102 minutes
Initial DVD release: May 10, 2007 (Poland)

Kabei (2008) streaming

Kâbê (2008)

 -  Drama  -  26 January 2008 (Japan)
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Ratings: 7,2/10 from 681 users  
Reviews: 10 user | 20 critic
Based on childhood days of Teruyo Nogami.



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Il cardo rosso (2007) streaming


Look (2007) streaming

Look is a 2007 film by Adam Rifkin. The film is composed entirely of material shot from the perspective of surveillance cameras: though the makers used CineAlta movie cameras, all were placed in locations ... Wikipedia